Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painting in the snow!

I've been doing a lot of snow painting recently, including one very cold nocturne (night painting)!  Sometimes it's so cold the water on my easel freezes.  Despite people thinking I'm nuts, it is a very valuable experience.  A camera just can't capture the nuances of color that a plein air study can, and I find this to be even more true of snow scenes.

Top right: Rocky Mountain National Park - painting next to a herd of Elk!

Below: Earlier in the season - you can see the fall leaves still on the trees.


  1. Beautiful work, Jane! You are a hearty soul to get out and paint en plein air in the cold. Wishing you and yours blessings in 2015!

  2. I love both!! This is so amazing to watch your point of view. Wish you a happy and colorful New Year, may all your dreams come true.

    xo, isabella

  3. Thanks Diana - same to you and your family :)
    I've always hated the cold, but now I actually enjoy being out in the snow painting!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments Isabella - wishing you the same!!

  5. Very nice Jane. I have to admit I am a studio painter, don't do well in the great outdoors!

  6. Thanks Carol - I never did well out there either...but it's growing on me!!