Monday, April 14, 2014

Love en plein air

I've seen all kinds of things while out painting - beautiful, unusual, even creepy, but I've never seen anything truly romantic....until now.

I was painting in the jungly undergrowth, minding my own business, when suddenly this incredible scene played out just feet away!  I wasn't too sure of the etiquette here, as the couple clearly picked a secluded spot to get married for a reason.  So, I just kept quietly painting - and weeping, because I'm sappy, plus I got married just a few miles from here, so it was especially touching!

Congratulations to the happy couple - and enjoy your new painting!

"From this day forward"
8" x 10"
Oil on panel - plein air

Collection of the newlyweds!


  1. Wow what a kind gesture, fantastic! ;)

  2. That was a beautiful gesture; just like the artist :)

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for a very special painting!