Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New gallery...special place

Old Farm

Oil on Panel 11" x 14"
Click on image for detail

It's always exciting to show my work in a new gallery, but in this case it's even more so - The Lilford Gallery in Kent, England is located only about an hour from where I grew up!

Even though I've now lived in the states for more than half my life I'm still an English girl at heart.
People often tell me that my landscapes have a universal sense of place - they get the feeling they've been there before.  This is probably because even when I'm painting a Colorado landscape my ultimate inspiration always sneaks into the work - the fields behind my Grandma's house in Derbyshire.

So, it's pretty special to me that my paintings are now returning 'home' in a way.  I hope my English readers will stop in to this wonderful gallery!

This painting available at Lilford Gallery


  1. Congrats on the new gallery placement! Yes, your work does have a wonderful - universal sense of place!