Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colorado flooding

Highway 7 falls to the raging waters from the South St. Vrain River
about 12 miles west of Lyons. (Helen H. Richardson, Denver Post file)

I've always wanted to live on a river - I just never imagined it going right through my house!

Seriously, we're safe and so fortunate compared to many Coloradoans.  Even though the rain has mostly stopped, the ground is so saturated we were up all night again - constantly pumping out the basement, and digging trenches to try to divert the flow.  I was fortunate enough to be able to salvage most of my paintings, although dozens were floating!

National Guard planes fly overhead every few minutes - heros shuttling evacuees to safety!

I look forward to getting electricity back, hot water, and some sleep!  Still, those are small problems compared to what so many are going through - my prayers go out to all those still missing, and to those who have lost their homes.

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  1. Now, I REALLY understand what you meant with skittishness about downpours! Yikes - I am so glad you are okay and were able to salvage most of your paintings. I hope things are back to normal for you by now. Take care, my friend.