Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plein air to finished studio painting

The path most taken - studio

Oil on Panel 16" x 20"
Click on image for detail

I used my little plein air field study (from my last post) and my photo references to create this larger studio piece. 

Painting outside is all about simplicity, speed, and not being eaten by a mountain lion!

Working inside is very different than painting plein air. There are the obvious - like no bugs flying into my work - but the real difference is scale, and the artistic challenges the larger size brings.  Here, I tried to keep some of the spontaneity and looseness that I liked in the original. I also romantacized the colors somewhat while keeping my values close to the original.

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  1. These two posts are such great examples of a field study and taking it a larger studio work!! This large one is beautiful - there's such a wonderful variety of deep transparents, and the scumbling of color on the top layers gives it great depth!!:-)

  2. Thanks, I appreciate that Roxanne!