Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to improve your

"Muted Mountains"
Oil on Flat Panel 8" x 10"
Click on image for detail

I've discovered a couple of things in the last few weeks that have really made my time spent painting more productive. I also believe these simple changes have improved my paintings and allowed me to learn more deeply as I paint. I share these tips in my latest Empty Easel article: two quick and easy ways to improve your!



  1. What a lovely painting today Jane. I read your Empty Easel article, and had to chuckle....have you heard my radio interview "Getting to Know Julie Hill"? I talk about how I need to paint in silence...because the music influences me too much....glad to hear I am not the only one. Anyway, great words you gave. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Julie! That's so funny - I bet there's a lot of us silent painters! I'd love to hear your interview - is it on your blog?
    BTW - your painting should arrive tomorrow...

  3. Great suggestions in your article Jane! I had to laugh as I have noticed the same thing when I paint to music...I've been standing for years and I AGREE it DOES help...but the music...funny thing...I plan my paintings and when I need to paint quickly I'll plan the music! HA...for the rest there are parts that I do paint in silence...Very insightful!

  4. Your painting is wonderful and I am off to read your article right now. Music or no music?

  5. Jane, so excited, my painting arrived today ! I LOVE it! It's even more awesome in person. Thanks again for your appreciate it.

    P.S. Yep, my radio interview is on my blog...upper right hand corner.

  6. I stand and listen to music. So, am I half way there!?

  7. Thanks ladies for your comments!
    Julie - so glad it arrived and you're happy :)

    Have anyone else's "followers" disappeared??

  8. Yes, my followers have vanished as well. I can't believe I've only just now discovered your blog. I really like your moody evocative landscapes. I'll return though as of now I can't follow!

  9. Jane, this is a lovely landscape...I'm off to read your EE article. Glad your followers are back!!

  10. Arghhh....and they are all gone again!!
    Dana, every few hours when my followers disappear I quickly check yours, Saundra's and Shirley's blog and they all seem to come and go at the same time. I'm taking that as a sign that Blogger is actively trying to fix the problem....

  11. Sigh...just absolute gorgeousness! I'm off to read the article!

  12. Jane - I've been trying to post a comment here but failing because of Blogger issues, so now I'm trying as Anonymous - LOL

    I agree about standing being helpful although, if I do, I get a numb foot (sciatic nerve damage) so that's not for me. I too mostly work in silence - I thought I was odd!

    I love this piece - it's that warm splash of colour that does it for me.

    Gillian, The Fading Rose. xx

    PS - enjoy your trip.