Monday, February 22, 2010

Frozen Lake

Oil on Wood Panel
24" x 12" x 2"
Click on image for detail

In this piece I decided to keep it pretty monochromatic and focus on the textures the snow and ice bring to the lake. I'm starting soon on a commission piece of a nearby pond - at least, of how it would look in the summer. Let's hope I can remember back to when everything was green!

$425 + $30 Shipping
International buyers please contact me.


  1. Wow Jane! I love the unique canvas! Hey, and I also enjoyed that wonderful article on you and your art in!

  2. David - Thanks a lot:)

    Thanks, Sheila - I love EmptyEasel, I'd totally forgotten about that article!

  3. This is beautiful, Jane! Then again, I am not surprised. I honestly didn't think your work could get any better, but you've achieved such a depth of richness with your oils.

  4. Wow, you relly have stepped out with this switch to oils! A couple weeks back you talked about the courage it takes to break with what has become a signature style... But really, when change calls, what is the choice? I think your style still comes through, and in a very short while what you were doing before and what you are doing now will have morphed into the new Jane Hunt style that is a meld of both, and still very much you. Congratulations!

  5. Thank-you, Sherry - as always, I appreciate your kind words :)

    Don - That means a lot, thanks! It's great to hear your take on the oils.
    The change was scary, but I'm actually excited about painting again - which is the true success for me!