Thursday, February 10, 2011

Field of Green

Oil on Panel 18" x 36" x 2"

Click on image for detail

I don't usually say this, but I'd recommend clicking on this one to see the detail - there's a lot going on here that doesn't show in the small version.



  1. Gosh, Jane! This is absolutely marvelous. It boasts my favorite colors and a beautiful western vista, one I long to see. Just more than beautiful; breathtaking!

  2. You're right Jane...this has a LOT if you click!! Did you do an underpainting? I think I see it peeking out. WONDERFUL work...and bravo for doing a biggie!! I'm still trying to get my smaller oils to do what I want!! Kudos!!

  3. Oh my goodness---I love this! It's like a cool drink of water ; ). So glad I clicked in---so many beautiful details. And, as always, I just love your brushwork!

  4. Hi Jane! are very talented! Thanks for finding me on the blog. I would love to chat more about our kiddos. Feel free to email me at

    Love your work!


  5. Sherry - thanks so much!

    Saundra - Thanks! I didn't do an underpainting on this one. I did scratch away the tree trunks - so you may see the white poking through.

    Thank-you, kslaughter :)

    Heather - thanks for tracking me down. I meant to leave you my e-mail - "mommybrain" strikes again!
    So glad you'd like to chat - I'll get in touch soon!