Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogiversary Tree

Oil on Flat Panel 10" x 8"
Click on image for detail

Today is the one year anniversary of when I started this blog.
What better way to celebrate than with a tree - the same way I began the blog.

I've learned a lot in the last year - both about life and painting.
My readers are now in the thousands each month and growing. I feel so honored (and a bit shocked and intimidated) that so many people take the time out of their busy day to read my blog. Thanks to all of you who have joined me along this journey!



  1. I think this is my favorite that you've done in the oils, Jane. I am really enjoying clicking to enlarge your paintings to see your "fingerprints" on them. Beautiful work. Here's to another year in your journey--can't wait to see what you share~~

  2. Really beautiful painting! OIL is unbeatable rich;-)

  3. Happy Anniversary Jane! I feel like we are blogger sisters as we started so close to one another! And, interesting in our processes as our styles are very different, our journey in some ways seems similar...I just started playing around with oils myself! HA...Love the tree, and glad we met!! FUN!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love your work!

  5. Congratulatons on a year's growth and learning and awesome art. Here's to many many more! You've got that oil painting going very well as well!

  6. As much as I love your acrylics, Jane, I think your oil works are fast supplanting them in my favorites arsenal.

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
    They are most appreciated:)

    Sherry - I'm so glad you said that because I'm feeling the same way about the oils!