Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily Painting - Colorado Aspens

Textured Acrylic on Flat Panel 8" x 10"

Click on image for detail

The leaves are really starting to change now - it's really pretty here.

That said, and no offense to my friend, 'AutumnLeaves', but Fall is not my favorite season. Don't get me wrong, there are all sorts of things I love about it - it's just the prospect of impending winter that ruins it for me. It reminds me of that feeling I used to get, many years ago, on Sunday afternoons, when I worked a job I didn't like. No matter how much I was enjoying Sunday, I couldn't shake the feeling of Monday looming. Fall feels sort of like one long Sunday afternoon to me. Now, if we could only reorder the seasons it might actually be my favorite.
Alternately, I suppose I could work on my dread of winter!



  1. But oh to be cozy indoors during the winter! Snuggling up with a book or a good old movie, cuddles with the kids, less sweatiness involved, hot toddies or hot chocolate, Thanksgiving and Christmas, good food, good friends...Of course, then there IS January to deal with, but otherwise? I'd take it over summer any day! LOL But then our differences make the world go round, yes?

    Love the aspens, Jane! Of course, I instantly thought of Saundra when seeing them. Such gorgeous trees that you both honor in your paintings.

  2. Thanks, Sherry! OK, you do make some good points - winter is not all bad. Plus, it makes me appreciate Spring that much more!

  3. Oh yes! Every February I start examining the tree braches just dying for those new little buds to make their appearance. I am longing for the rebirth, for the fresh greens...